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Close your eyes. Imagine. It is the year 102 d.c., and at the head of the Roman legions there is Trajan that runs along the Via Sacra dei Fori Imperiali until reaching the Campidoglio. You see it shining with a divine light, illuminated by the blinding sun that only Jupiter in person may have granted. Behind him the legions, and you are among them. One among a thousand, between ten thousand, one hundred thousand. And suddenly here it is, Traiano, climb to the top of the peak of the "Caput Mundi". Now open your eyes. You have returned to the reality of the twenty-first century, almost two thousand years. The one in front of you is the same path that was reserved only for the winners, now becomed legend. You'll see their steps again, the same stones touched by those victorious steps. You will turn, in the middle of the immense Roman Forum at a step from the tomb of Julius Caesar, and you will marvel at the incomparable greatness of the Flavian Amphitheater. And again, after getting lost in the mazes of the ancient streets of a millenary Rome, turn into Piazza della Rotonda to look through the nose

up to the perfection of the Pantheon. Or again, look out from the ramparts of Castel Sant’Angelo and be amazed before the sunset that illuminates one of the most cities ancient of the world. And only when you finally leave it, crossing the walls last Aureliane, you can feel like the greatest emperor in history. "You will not see nothing in the world greater than Rome "..

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