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It may seem crazy but to visit Florence could give a sense of melancholy. You’d easily reach the center of the city of Dante and throw yourself into the Italian culture. You’d lose yourself in the market and the scents of its stands selling good leather, and you’d almost feel the ancient artisans in their ateliers sharpening their artworks. Then you’d walk through the ancient Piazza della Signoria and under the Uffizi Gallery, admire the characteristic Ponte Vecchio and the Vasari Corridor, to finally get to the marvellous Palazzo Pitti. Maybe once there, you could feel the sweet melancholy that distress all visitors coming to Florence. And when you’ll reach the Fiesole Terrace and see Florence at your feet, you’ll understand: there is no place like Florence, no other place will make you feel that sensations, like being part of the Italian culture’s birth and the creation of its many wonders.

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Close your eyes. Imagine. We are in 102 a.C. and Emperor Trajan, heading the Roman legion, is walking through the Via Sacra, the main street of the Imperial Fora, up to the Capitoline Hill. He’s shining of a holy brightness, enlighted by a blinding sun that only Jupiter could have given him. His legions are following him, and among them there’s you. One in a thousand, ten-thousand, hundred thousand people. Then suddenly Trajan is there, he’s going up to the top of the “Caput Mundi”. Now, open your eyes. You’re back to the 21st century, almost two-thousand years after. In front of you, the same path once reserved to the victors, the condottieros, the leaders who are now legends for us. You’ll experience their steps, the same stones their victorious feet touched. You’ll turn in the middle of the Roman Forum, a stone’s throw Julius Caesar’s grave, and you’ll admire the incomparable greatness of the Flavian Amphitheatre, the stunning Colosseum. Discover our tours


Can you imagine a place where land and water are joined together? And here, to lose yourself among the channels of a city which still preserves its past wonders, where the opulence and culture of the Venice Republic’s capital seem like freezed to be admired forever. There is no place all over the world where you can cross the city in a Gondola boat in the calm waves of the sea or walk throughout the infinite alleys full of little shops with splendid and mysterious masks worthy of a Lady or a King. Venice is the city you’ve always desidered to visit and when you’ll be there you’ll understand this was supposed to happen. “To live in Venice, or even to visit it, means that you fall in love with the city itself.”

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Among uncontaminated hills and medieval roads, you could visit Barolo and Nebbiolo Wineries, discover Alba and its truffles or taste delicious cheese near the city of Cuneo. The Langhe, in the south of Piedmont region, just close to the province of Cuneo, are a UNESCO Heritage Site since 2014; also called “Food Valley” for its food and wine offer, from the prestigious Alba’s truffles to the very famous red wines such as the Barbaresco and the Nebbiolo. A territory that can really offer a lot of accessible tours, to any tourist with disabilities, surrounded by breathtaking views.

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