Holidays for the Elderly

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Holidays for the Elderly

For those traveling well into their golden years, it is undoubtedly essential to be able to count on a type of trip tailored to your needs.

JR Pomerium specializes in organizing travel for the elderly.

Destinations and departure periods are chosen in accordance with the requirements of travelers to offer the maximum experience in tune with their needs.

We can organize a tailor-made trip for you, customizing destinations and departure times, and in doing so we’ll be offering you the best travel program that can be modified according to your interests.


Holidays for the Elderly

The trips organized by JR Pomerium for those enjoying their golden years are the ideal solution for elderly-friendly holidays in search for relaxation and safety.

Traveling, even in faraway countries, is certainly an occasion to which we must not renounce at any age but it is important to protect our health and safety, leaving from home well-informed and choosing suitable destinations and facilities to meet our specific needs.

The trips organized by JR Pomerium for the elderly include both overnight stays and longer stays in tourist facilities that offer rooms and accommodations 100% compatible with the specific needs of the client.

Hotel houses for the elderly, Assisted-living hotels and other types of structures all help to provide the guest with assistance tailored to their specific necessities.

JR Pomerium has selected a list of Hotels for Seniors able to guarantee a holiday in total safety.


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