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Tourist facilities for those who are disabled

Having access to tourist facilities for the disabled is often an overlooked problem. In the case of motor or sensory difficulties or even just for elderly people, staying in a hotel that offers accessibility to disabled people and well-equipped tourist facilities is something that really makes the difference.

Accessible Travel: Families, Seniors, and Allergic Individuals

When planning a vacation with children it is essential to pick out a destination and a type of trip that perfectly meets the needs of families on vacation. Even older people, people with food or environmental allergies will all be able to find the ideal solution to meet all specific needs on a customized trip. .

Accessible Hotels for the disabled

Throughout Italy as well as abroad, the number of Accessible Hotels for the Disabled is growing, and this great because it allows for the expanding mobility possibilities for all.

The tourist facilities for the disabled are hotels or alberghi generally equipped with stair lifts (in the case of access ramps), lifts with standard dimensions, rooms for the disabled kept on the ground floor with specially equipped bathrooms and a wide range of customized services.

Now with the large number of accessible hotels, traveling has become a pleasure without any barriers or concerns. You can find solutions accessible to travelers with special needs all around the world:

  • summer vacations for the disabled,
  • summer vacations for the disabled and families,
  • accessible white week in the mountains,
  • accessible hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, and villages,
  • excursions and trekking for the disabled,
  • cultural, gastronomic and photographic tours,
  • ...and much more!

To ensure maximum comfort to all those who are on the lookout for a barrier-free trip, we have put together a list of accessible facilities for every kind of holiday!

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